Yoshio Kuba Hanshi, Goju-Ryu Karate-Do 10. dan

Yoshio Kuba Hanshi, Goju-Ryu Karate-Do 10. dan

Yoshio Kuba Hanshi is a 10th Dan black belt and is the head of the Okinawa Karate-Do Kenpo- Kai in Okinawa. He was a direct student of Seikichi Toguchi sensei, who was a student of Chojun Miyagi sensei and Seko Higa sensei. Kuba Sensei epitomizes the understanding of Goju-Ryu and his understand of its concepts and application is legendary but off and on the dojo floor. He run a full-time acupuncturist practice in Okinawa and is head of the Acupuncture Association in Japan.


  1. Started Judo at age of 9.
  2. Learned Kendo at age of 14.
  3. Became an apprentice of Seikichi Toguchi sensei of Goju-Ryu at age 17.
  4. Became a director of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Shoreikan at age 27.
  5. Became a technical director of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Shoreikan at age 34.

Posts Held or Holding

  1. Chairman of Okinawa Prefecture Acupuncture Association.
  2. Director of Okinawa City Karate‐Do Federation
  3. Standing Director of Okinawa Prefecture Karate‐Do Union
  4. Vice Chairman of Okinawa City Youth Sports Association
  5. Vice Chairman and General Master of Okinawa Karate‐Do Rengo-Kai Association
  6. Director of Goju‐Ryu Karate Kenpo-Kai
  7. President of Authentic Goju-Ryu Karate‐Do & Kobudo Federation Kenbukan the original Traditional Okinawa Martial Arts.


  1. Master’s degree in pharmacy
  2. Qualified Acupuncturist
Hanshi Yamashiro Hirokuni

Hirokuni Yamashiro Hanshi, Uechi-Ryu 9. Dan

Date of birth: 17.02.1955. Student of Sensei Shigeru Takamiyagi. Chief Instructor of Koza Dojo in Okinawa City.

Sensei Shinjo Takahiro

Takahiro Shinjo Shihan, Tomari-Te 8. dan

  • Takahiro Shinjo sensei is President of Kenryu-Doshikai
  • Educator coach of Ryo Kiyuna, who three-time Kata World Champion and Olympic Champion
  • Board member of Okinawa Prefectural Karate Federation 
  • Vice President of Okinawa City Sports Association  
  • Okinawa Goju-Ryu, Tomari-Te, Japan Sports Organization Karate senior trainer Okinawa Prefecture
  • Youth Sports Organization Council member 
  • Okinawa City Youth Sports Organization headquarter member 
  • Okinawa Karate-Do Kenpo-Kai (Souke, the head of Organization: Yoshio Kuba sensei) the headmaster 
  • Okinawa Karate-Do Tomari-Te Shorin-Ryu master 
  • Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do instructor, master  
  • Okinawa Karate-Do Shuri-Te Matsumura-Ha master
Sensei Fischer Mihaly

Mihály Fischer Sensei, Goju – Ryu 4. dan

Hungarian National Coach and his Student Gábor Hárspataki is Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist.

  • He is the head coach of MTK and Hungarian National Coach.
  • For the past 12 years the MTK team has been the Hungarian Champion in all age categories.
  • His students got 27 medals in European Championship and World Championship.
  • His adult students won four European Championship medals and one Olympic bronze medal.