Meszaris Janos

Dr. János Mészáros President of Hungarian Karate Federation

On behalf of the Hungarian Karate Federation, I would like to welcome you to the II. Okinawan Days. Our association considers it of utmost importance to cultivate the Karate and Budo, the eastern traditions and to pass on the values of Japanese traditions, especially to young people, such as respect, discipline, perseverance, diligence, willpower and the spirit of fair play, which are important values in today’s fast-paced world, at school, at work and in everyday life. The Hungarian Karate Federation has a long tradition and cooperation agreements with several Japanese prefectures, such as Tochigi during the Tokyo Olympics and Okinawa, where our athletes have already participated in joint programs. Special thanks go to Sensei László Harsányi, whose traditional activities strengthen the knowledge and learning of karate and budo in Pesterzsébet, and who has contributed significantly to the successful organization of the II. Okinawan Days.

I wish you to gain precious experiences on the II. Okinawan Days, which will be a useful “companion” in the cultivation of the of karate and in overcoming the challenges of everyday life, and I wish the event to be really successful.

Foldesi Gyula


Mr. Gyula Földesi, member of Hungarian Parliament

I am very pleased that there is such significant sports scene in our district, this scene’s next stop is the II. Okinawan days. I would like to express my gratitude to László Harsányi Sensei, the head instructor of International Goju – Ryu Karate – Do Sakura – Kai and the president of the Hungarian Goju – Ryu Karate – Do Association for his contributions, so that this significant seminar can become reality.

Within this event, the finest representatives of this sport will come to Pesterzsébet. The sport teaches you to fight, encourages you to not give up, and to stand up after every defeat, since eve-ry competition is a new opportunity to challenge and improve. The sport teaches you discipline and gives you goals. The goals and the future are not only important for the county and nation, but for the community and for each of us personally.

We warmly invite and welcome all those who are interested in Karate!


Mr. Ákos Szabados, Mayor of Pesterzsébet

It is a great honor for us that representatives of Japanese tradition are visiting Pesterzsébet for the tenth time this year. The most esteemed masters of Okinawan culture and Karate are highly respected by us, and the Okinawan Days are a prominent event in our local sports life.  I trust that in the future, these seminars will continue and over the years become a tradition of our district. The friendly relations between the two countries are of utmost importance to Pesterzsébet, therefore we will continue to work on strengthening them in the future.

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