Harsanyi Laszlo

László Harsányi Sensei, Goju-Ryu 7. dan,
European represent of Okinawa Karate-Do Kenpo- Kai, chief instructor of IGKS

I sincerely welcome my Okinawan teachers and every Karateka in the Okinawan Days in Pesterzsébet event. We look forward to welcoming those Karateka that are interested in authentic Okinawan karate. A niche seminar will be organized, in which we can take a deeper look at three different schools of traditional Okinawan karate, and competition Kata techniques. I would like to express my gratitude to every one of my students, to every Hungarian an Okinawan patroon. Without their contributions and efforts made this event could not have become reality. The main goal of the event, which is going to be organized in Budapest is to let the Hungarian and international karate community’s coaches, referees and Karatekas learn Authentic Okinawan Karate!  

Pesterzsébet is XX. district of Budapest!